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Анастасия [Гета] Иванова

19 апр 2008 в 19:25 »
People sniffthe smell of burnt flesh!A brigade of men drive up.A glittering brigade.In bright helmets.But no jackboots here!Tell the firemento climb lovingly when a heart's on fire.Leave it to me.I'll pump barrels of tears from my eyes.I'll brace myself against my ribs.I'll leap out! Out! Out!They've collapsed.You can't leap out of a heart! From the cracks of the lipsupon a smouldering facea cinder of a kiss rises to leap. Mamma!I cannot sing.In the heart's chapel the choir loft catches fire! The scorched figurines of words and numbersscurry from the skulllike children from a flaming building.Thus fear,in its effort to grasp at the sky,lifted highthe flaming arms of the Lusitania. Into the calm of the apartmentwhere people quake,a hundred-eye blaze bursts from the docks.Moaninto the centuries,if you can, a last scream: I'm on fire!

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